Here is my story…

Part I:  Have had a very successful career in Sales, Marketing,Training and Organizational / Leadership Development and am told I have a knack for making the complicated understandable which may have contributed to all this.  I don’t know how I do it, I just do it, so that is what I call a gift and am thankful for it.

Part II:  In 1995 after a very tough time in a very dysfunctional organization (some folks got fired for what they did) I decided to devote a good chunk of my time to enabling good people to be all that they can be.  Since then, have been blessed to work with over 1,000 folks releasing them from the bonds that hold then back and I get notes and messages all the time about “How I use what I learned from you…’ Thank you Dr. Roger Pearman, Otto Kroeger, Dr. William Bridges, Naomi Quenk, Dr. Jim Kestenbaum, Dr. Henry Thompsaon for your tutelage and a special thanks to Isabel Meyers Briggs for your dedication to getting it so right.

Part III:  Enjoy the good fortune of working with, Dr. Will Sparks on his seminal research in human dynamics.  Dr. Sparks is quite frankly brilliant.  He and I have discovered, that together, we make some incredibly heavy and deep knowledge about how people act and work together useful and understandable.  We have been blessed to build a package that brings to the foreground for any team or leader a clear path to success (for what its worth, its the application of works of Maslow, McClelland, Briggs, Shultz and Jung).

Part IV:  The last few years have given me the opportunity to work with clients on some very large and complicated worldwide projects. This has broadened my understanding greatly about the real and serious challenges facing leaders in large multinational organizations (worked side by side with some very self-actualized and some very poor leaders; I tell you the difference in the motivation and performance of their teams is measurable and palatable).

Part V: That would be today.  We are rolling out the latest version of our leadership and team building tools and its very exciting.  Hope you find the information well worth your time – I know many have.  We offer Leadership development, team building, change management in a variety of venues depending on the needs of our clients.

It’s worth a try in this world: cell – 585-671-4400, email 


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