Engaging Learners – eLearning Special Interest Group… what we talked about

So last week 14 of us from GV-ASTD sat around a large table at the TLC Learning & Conference Center* and had a good 90 minute face-to-face discussion (I just love the irony of eLearners and face2face!) about keeping learners engaged in eLearning.

Anyway… I filled two pages in my diary with notes, ideas and more.  Some key points include:

  1. Find ways to serve up what the learner needs when they need it (the 45 minute on-line course was seen as completely useless in most cases – digestible chucks is what people need now), brevity and clarity are king (the message has to be boiled down nowadays)
  2. Good intros in eLearning are important – have to let the learner know what problems the program will solve for them at the start
  3. Use of small scenarios, short testimonials, clicks on the screen, drag and drop, fun and humor were ID’d a a good way to engage learners and help them apply content (one comment was, ‘keep it human’)
  4. There was wide agreement that using social networks to engage distance (and local) learners in future discussions was a great was for follow-up, more learning and the developer can gain feedback and improve by participation!
  5. Use tools that enable the learner to have a sense of control during the course (jumps, repeats, branching)
  6. One click access to job aids, process support and other material that makes the learner more effective and turns the ‘eLearning’ into a sort of Performance Support System vs just a ‘course’ (now we’re cookin’) and exponentially increases the value of the training team (build the whole package)
  7. Engaging ‘Super Users’ through social networking expands the program, includes others and provides critical feedback to the entire community within the scope of the program
  8. Some mentioned resources during the session included:
    A whole new look at learning – http://www.nickjr.com/team-umizoomi/  (watch the adult video on the page)
    Neil Perlin’s Blog on Mobile learning: http://hyperword.blogspot.com/
    Cathy Moore – Save the world from boring eLearning: http://hyperword.blogspot.com/
    Tom Kuhlmann’s Rapid eLEarning Blog: http://www.articulate.com/rapid-elearning/

Next meeting – Mobile Delivery – stay tuned for details

Listen well, be kind, grow others… Bob

* The TLC Learning and Conference Center is located inside the Transfiguration Church facility at 3760 Culver Road in Rochester NY.  Seats 2 – 15 comfortably and is available for any group to use.  Contact here


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